How to know if laptop battery is faulty ?

When plug in the laptop the computer beeps and the charger lights up. Sometimes the power adapter is connected. This is usually because the battery is dead and you cant get anything out of it. Nobody lights up. It doesnt get any clearer than that. What is the problem ? Why is it not working, and what can you do ? Read this article to learn how to handle this.

Check the power cable or battery

If your laptop won't turn on, you need to tackle the charger. For any charger like an adapter for advent roma c900 laptop, check along the power cable to make sure there are no kinks. Inspect the nozzles for damaged connections such as loose plugs or pet chew dirt. Check the AC brick. Does the color change ? Are there deformed or enlarged areas ? 

Try to smell the AC brick, if it smells like burnt plastic that's probably where the problem lies. Don't worry, even at this point it's still fixable. If, however, the problem does not come from the cable, attack the battery. An easy way to check the integrity of the battery is to completely remove it and try to connect it to the laptop. If the laptop turns on fine, the problem was likely related to a dead battery.

Check the connector

When connecting a laptop the power connection must be very strong. If it shakes or falls suddenly the power plug inside the case may be damaged. Is there any obvious discoloration or a burnt smell ? If there appears to be damage to the power connector, repairs will be required. In this case, you can go online to try to find solutions. However, the best solution is to buy a new charger. Call on a professional by providing him with your make and model of laptop. He will advise you in your choice and will give you advice to avoid having these kinds of problems.