The increase in oil prices to $70 per barrel hamper some countries

The surge in crude prices will likely affect the economies of some countries. The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed several discrepancies in oil prices.  Oil prices soar, as nations lament economic implications  The surge in crude oil rates has changed direction on how the increase in energy consumption is threatening to have negative effects on world economy recovery. This oil surge will affect inflation in most countries battling with the COVID-19 pandemic. The oil has increased to more than 35% this year alone with supplies going to countries that keep demanding oil. Another phenomenon is the military attack on crucial oil installations in Saudi Arabia.  Brent oils have now surged above normal rates for the first time since February last year. With the price at this level, the impact on inflation and the economic recovery of most nations is possible. Countries will have to find a way to cope with the many challenges this will bring.  Countries like Nigeria and Brazil may increase races... Read more

How does the Mine game work ?

Mine game is a fun and challenging board game about collecting resources while avoiding dangerous obstacles. In this game, players dig tunnels to find diamonds, gold, and other valuable resources, but they also have to deal with traps such as falling rocks, underground lakes, and lurking monsters. In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at how the game of Mine works, the basic rules, and the strategies players can use to succeed. The game’s rules The game of Mine is played on a cardboard game board which represents a network of underground tunnels. Players all start at the same place on the board and must move through the network of tunnels using action cards to dig and move their pawns. For more information, The object of the game is to collect resources, such as diamonds and gold, while avoiding dangerous obstacles that come along the way. Players can use special cards to help avoid obstacles or to steal resources from other players. Players can also... Read more

Exploring the Wealthy Side of France: How the Top 15 Richest Cities Contribute to France's Economy

The opulence of France is not limited to its culture, history, and cuisine, but extends to its economy. It's no secret that this European gem is home to some of the wealthiest cities globally, which significantly contribute to its financial prowess. However, understanding the economic contributions of these affluent cities is crucial for a holistic perspective of the French economy. This article will delve into the top 15 richest cities in France and how they play a significant role in bolstering the nation's economic standing. We will explore the industries, landmarks, and factors that make these cities thriving economic hubs. Whether you're an economic enthusiast or someone who appreciates the richness and diversity of France, this article offers essential insights worth exploring. Paris: The Heart of French Economy As one of the world's richest cities, Paris plays a significant role in the French economy. The city's prosperity is largely built on key sectors like tourism, fashion... Read more