The UK COVID-19 strain is more dangerous than other Variants- health Research

The UK variant has been described as the most dangerous variant available. According to a medical study, it is 100% more potent than other strains.  UK COVID-19 strain very dangerous   The UK strain of coronavirus has been declared more dangerous than other versions, according to a health study in Britain. The research which compares fatalities among individuals in Britain affected with the variant B. 1.1.7 with others infected by other strains found out that this new strain has a huge fatality rate. This research was published on Wednesday, showed that what many people refer to as the UK variant led to more than 230 deaths after sampling 58,000 coronavirus patients compared with 120 deaths among the same figures infected by other versions.  'The UK strain is dangerous also with the ability to spread faster shouldn't be toyed with. This makes it very severe and a huge threat to vulnerable people.'' Robert Challen, a top researcher at the University of Exeter. The UK strain easy to tran... Read more