Surveillance cameras tampered with at Tesla

Microsoft hacking affects Tesla surveillance cameras, according to the firms. Other Tesla stores have begun in-depth vetting to determine the extent of the breach. 

Tesla affected by video hacking 

There are reports which say hackers nights have tampered with CCTV to access so some crucial data. The report claims that CCTV of about 200, 000 live feeds Cameras inside clinics, tech firms, and public sectors. Firms that have had their data exposed are Tesla and algorithm provider, Cloudflare.

Also, the hackers had opportunities to view videos from female hospitals, psyche clinics, and Verkada. A good number of the cameras affected have facial recognition software. The hackers are believed to have seen all the customers' information of Verkada customers. The hacked video shows several hospital staff pinning a man and dragging him to bed.

Others show staff of Tesla in China working on several car parts. The criminals are believed to access virtually all factories and warehouses of Tesla. This information breach is believed to have been done by a foreign computer expert whose aim is to show how easily a camera can be hacked.

Hackers say, action done for curiosity reasons 

Till Kottman who is one of the hackers that breached Verkada stated why the hacking into the CCTV was inquisitive, and their dislike for intellectual property. However, many people have criticized the genuineness of their aim and believe they have sinister intentions. 

Kelvin Graham, a tech analyst in Nevada said

'' I find it hard to believe that the reasons are just curiosity. It is believed that most of these hackers do this for monetary purposes and to sell data to the highest bidder ''. 

Furthermore, others believe that most of these deeds are done to steal vaccines, which have been hugely in demand worldwide. China has been fingered in this, but the Asian country has denied such claims.

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