China and the US to have a high-level meeting for the first time under the Biden administration

There will be a high delegation meeting between China and US officials in Alaska. The meeting is meant to solve some cogent issues bordering abuses. 

US and China to meet in Alaska 

The US and China will have a face-to-face meeting under the administration of President Biden in Alaska. This is the first physical meeting between both top western nations after several disagreements. The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken said he and other top government officials will meet the Chinese delegates in Alaska. 

The meeting is scheduled for March 11 which will be a closed-door session. The issues to be discussed will look to clear the air on some deep issues they don't agree on. Jake Sullivan who is a national advisor on security will also be on the team in Anchorage with top Chinese diplomat, Yang Jiechi and councilor Wang up. 

Meeting after US allies meet later this week 

This meeting comes after international meetings with American friends like Japan and South Korea. Jen Psaki told the media on Wednesday that

''The objective is to get everyone at the round table and express our feelings about crucial economic and political issues. It is crucial that the first meeting will be in the country. This is a follow-up with our meeting with other allies.''  

These will be done before another crucial event with chieftains of the Quad group of nations which have Australia, India, Japan, and the US. This will take place on Friday to foster better diplomatic relations to help counter China's growth.

There has been a call between the two leaders with President Xi Jinping insisting that peace is the only solution and any fight between both nations will be disastrous. The top issues to be discussed are human rights violations and crimes against the Uighur minorities.