Technology: the importance of technology in business

Technology is the study of the tools, processes and methods used in the various branches of industry. It is also the set of methodical processes based on scientific knowledge employed in production.

the benefits of technology in business

Time-lapse is a kind of video that presents a scene from a long time ago or from an event in an accelerated way. This video lasts only a few seconds and shows a scene that is usually too long. It offers a result with a very high aesthetic height. So, continue reading to find out more about time-lapse technology. Indeed, time-lapse is a technique that brings quite a lot of emergence in many fields, namely cinema, industry and marketing. For the cinema, it is used to show an evolution, the passing of time, a transition between two scenes. In industry, it is used to keep an eye on the evolution of work within the industry in order to prevent a possible crisis. On the marketing side Time-laps will be a source of a good and quite interesting advertising video and that in a few minutes.

How to make Time-laps

A time-lapse is a photographic technique that aims to take pictures of the same scene, at a fixed location and at a specific time interval. The shots are then edited so that they scroll at a normal speed. In addition, it can also be done by filming images. In this case, the capture is made at a lower speed than the speed at which the video will be projected. For this purpose, you need a camera that can adjust the number of shots and the time interval between each shot. Then editing software must be used. And for this you need to use audiovisual technicians who have mastered the technique and are in possession of top-of-the-range equipment. This new technology has real advantages for the development and evolution of business.