How to fill in the online passenger location form for travel to Italy?

 Italy has been attracting increasing numbers of visitors in recent years due to its unsuspected tourist attractions. However, it must be recognised that travellers must undergo health checks before setting foot on Italian soil. However, the Passenger Tracking Form is now mandatory for all foreigners visiting Italy. The tracking document represents a vaccination pass to check the health status of the traveller. How to fill in the online passenger location form? 

Follow the registration steps on the specialised platform 

Travellers to Italy are obliged to obtain a whereabouts form that covers their entire stay. Indeed, this document concerns not only the elderly, but also children in part. Passenger locator form for Italy,  it is important to fill it in . Thus, you will have to go to the specialised site, but do it in the language of the site to avoid filling in the boxes incorrectly. 

In addition, the site gives you the possibility to select the language of your country for an easy filling in. The next step is to choose the country of destination which would be none other than Italy at this level. Finally, the form requires the visitor to mention the means of travel to be used to make the trip. Finally, you must create a personal space while mentioning the exact information of your passport before validating your registration.

Knowing how to retrieve your location form during registration 

The location form remains the same for all travellers to Italy without distinction. But at this level, the information mentioned describes your identity on your location document. Therefore, it is recommended to be really patient in order to get your account validated. When you use your e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. 

Moreover, the email only contains a QR-code that follows you everywhere in the cities of Italy. The PLF code thus obtained represents the digital form that can be downloaded and presented to the police in case of any verification.