Fiery Broadcaster, Piers Morgan stands by Megan Markle accusations

British Broadcaster, Piers Morgan said he has no regrets saying he doesn't believe Meghan Markle's interview. This comes following revelations that the duchess of Sussex was subjected to racism claims at the palace. 

I still don't believe Meghan - Piers Morgan 

Former Good morning anchor, Piers Morgan insisted that he hasn't changed his mind about the criticism of Meghan Markle following her interview at Oprah on Monday. Piers exited the show after insisting he "doesn't believe any word" that Meghan has shared during their interview. 

Morgan will be investigated after more than 42,000 complaints were filed against him for his words, an action he is entirely indifferent to. It is also reported that Meghan has complained to ITV about the remarks, this was shared by Chris Shop, an editor with the station.

'' The duchess said she didn't feel the comments made by Morgan were right as it concerns her mental state and suicide concerns.'' 

The complaint cannot be confirmed as no one has commented about it. Morgan has always been a divisive figure in all his time at ITV. 

Morgan's exit is sad - Partner 

His exit came after he left the show abruptly after being criticized by his partner Alex Beresford and also Dame Carolyn Mccakk the CEO also said she believed her. 

A temporary replacement, Ranbir Singh has said 

'' He is called Marmite for nothing''

However, the station has not approved a permanent substitute for him. Morgan said on Wednesdays

'' I don't believe any word from Meghan, I think about it again, and still don't believe her at all. We are all entitled to freedom of speech, and I am ready to air my views. ''

He thanked all his fans and haters and promised to bounce back fully. He said that after the show on Wednesday, he had a good chat with the officials at ITV, and they understood his point.