Dating apps: what you need to know?

Dating apps are all the rage right now. Why, because everyone wants to have a partner to spend the rest of their lives with. In the past, singles had to go out every night in the urban jungle to maybe find the perfect partner somewhere. Today, things have changed: the smartphone is enough to go on the hunt for great happiness - dating apps are an absolute success.

The evolution of dating apps

No doubt: with flirting apps on cell phones, users find the ideal man or woman even faster than on the usual Internet dating portals. continue reading this site for more information. The number of users is growing rapidly: Lovoo, for example, currently has 22 million registered members. In Munich alone, 260,474 people are already using the app. The community is growing rapidly, with half of the registrations taking place in the last year. In the whole of Bavaria, Lovoo has 1,009,000 users. This figure was also only half two years ago.

Functioning dating apps: the case of Tinder

The app, Tinder, was created in 2012 and has become the world's leading social app for meeting new people. The American company does not give regional figures. Thanks to the so-called swipe, the user swipes right on his cell phone when a proposed man or woman he likes, he immediately establishes contact. If the man and woman both like each other, i.e. they both swipe right, there is what is called a match: nothing stands in the way of a date. Every day, 26 million matches are registered on Tinder worldwide, and to date, the total number of matches is over 11 billion.