Connected locks

We are all concerned with ensuring the security of our property against burglaries. A basic way to keep your belongings safe is to have a good lock. Developments in technology offer sophisticated ways of locking and monitoring house doors. This is the case with the connected lock.

What is the special feature of a smart lock?

The connected lock represents a way to lock and unlock your doors without having to carry a physical mechanical key with you. With the lock management application installed on your smartphone, you will no longer need to memorize your door action codes. It also helps ensure the security of physical access to your home from any location you find yourself. Click to learn more.

How does a smart lock work?

Usually, when installing the connected lock, you install an application on your smartphone to remotely control the locking and unlocking actions of your door. The smartphone is connected by the Internet network to the control unit of your lock connected to the house. The control unit receives and emits signals.

Are there any dangers in using a smart lock?

While it is true that there are advantages to using a smart lock, it is not wrong to point out that its use can also entail certain risks. For example, people with bad intentions may succeed in retrieving technical information relating to the electronic management of the lock. To get this information, all they need to do is successfully spy on the exchange of information between your smartphone and your lock control unit.
In 2016, following security tests on a number of locks, researchers were able to prove their vulnerability. They managed to hack the credentials of 12 out of 16 brands of locks that were tested.