As a foreigner, how do I become a taxi driver in New York?

Becoming a taxi man in New York as a foreigner is possible, provided you meet the requirements. The process is a bit complicated, but it is possible if you follow all the steps. There are two categories of taxi in this US city. These are mainly yellow medallion taxis and green taxis. Here are the other details in the lines to follow.

Check if you meet the requirements

Before you become a taxi driver in New York, you need to know the role that each type of taxi plays. This is because yellow taxis pick up and drop off passengers in the New York City boroughs. The brightly coloured green taxis carry passengers in the boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, etc. Click here to learn more more Applying for a taxi license requires a number of criteria. First, you must meet the age requirements. However, the age requirement is at least 19 years. In addition to this, you must have a valid driver's licence. This license must be valid for New York City, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut. In addition to this requirement, your New York driver's license must be between class A, B, C or E. These are the only ones accepted. If you don't have this license, you can approach the zoning department of motor vehicles. Another thing to do is to check that your finances and expenses are in order, as you must be able to prove that you have no traffic violations. In addition to this, you also need to prove that you have no problems related to your child support.

Gather all important documents and submit your application

. These documents include your driving licence, a driving record, a social security card. Make sure these documents are not laminated. In other words, plastic cards or copies are not accepted. You must also provide an application form and a TLC medical document. This form must be completed and signed by a doctor and must not be more than six months old. Finally, before submitting your application, you must take a video that covers sex trafficking awareness. After this training and having gathered all the required documents, you must send your application to the Staten Island or Long Island City office, after paying $75.