What are the promotions and bonuses offered by 1xbet?

Promotions and bonuses play a vital role in enhancing the player experience within the realm of online gambling. They bring additional benefits, increase the chances of winning and increase the pleasure of playing. 1xBet, an internationally renowned platform, is no exception to this rule. This article explores in detail the various promotional offers and bonuses offered by 1xBet.

Sports betting bonuses 

Sports bettors on 1xBet can take advantage of a wide range of attractive bonuses. Among these are the day accumulator, the welcome bonus and the risk-free bet. Visit https://1xbet-bdlink.com/ to find out everything there is to know about 1xbet. The day accumulator is a bonus that rewards bettors who successfully place a bet on a series of selected matches. 
If all cumulative bets are winners, the bettor receives an additional bonus depending on the amount of his bet. The welcome bonus is a generous offer for new 1xBet users. When registering, bettors can benefit from a welcome bonus on their first deposit. This bonus can take the form of a percentage of the amount deposited, or a fixed amount offered in betting credits.

Casino Bonuses 

Casino bonuses offered by 1xBet are a great way to maximize your gaming experience and increase your chances of winning. Among the various promotions available, the free spins are particularly popular with players. They allow you to continue betting without risking your own funds. When you receive free spins, use them to test different strategies and increase your winnings on casino slots. 
However, note that free spins must be wagered before you can withdraw your winnings. The bet amount required is usually x35 the bonus amount. 1xBet offers a selection of specific slot machines on which you can use your free spins. These are the Golden Book, the Legend of Cleopatra and the Solar Queen. The bookmaker ensures that players always have the opportunity to bet with free spins.

Cash back 

Cashback is one of the most popular bonuses offered by many bookmakers, and 1xBet is no exception. On the platform, users have the possibility of benefiting from this type of bonus in two formats. These are the VIP bonus and the weekly bonus. To get the VIP bonus, the player just needs to upgrade their VIP status. 
Once VIP status is achieved, the bettor enjoys additional rewards, including cashback. The latter is calculated according to the total number of bets made by the player. Regarding the weekly bonus, 1xBet offers a cashback of 0.18% of the total bets up to a maximum amount of 6000 BDT. The particularity of this bonus is that it can be obtained independently of the sports betting format chosen by the player.

Lucky Friday

Lucky Friday is one of the attractive promotions offered by 1xBet to its users. Every Friday, players have the opportunity to receive a special bonus when they log into their account. This bonus represents a generous amount of 100% up to 9000 BDT. To benefit from this offer, it is essential to connect regularly to your account on Friday and not miss this opportunity. 
It should be noted that the bonus wagering period is limited to only 24 hours. It is therefore recommended not to postpone matches until later. An interesting feature of this promotion is that the wager required to unlock the bonus is only x3. This means that players will have the opportunity to complete the wagering requirements relatively easily.

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