My Recovery from Marijuana Use

Smoking is something many will find it to be fun just by admiring what their famous stars do in movies. I learned how to smoke marijuana from my friends while pursuing a high school diploma. The thing is it didn’t get out of control at first, that is, until I joined my university.
Marijuana Abuse Story

During my first year of study, I could hardly get into a good mood without a puff or two. This became a habit even when I was at home with my family members, and it didn’t take long before my dad suspected something. Unlike a year or two ago, I used to chat freely with my parents, maybe after supper; thanks to my smoking, I became antisocial. My parents inquired about my behavior, but I lived in denial.

It didn’t pass a week before my dad found me red-handed smoking it at my private room, in our apartment. Since there was nothing I could do and by that time it was about three years of intense, heavy, nonstop smoking, I admitted that I had a problem and begged for assistance. First, my dad was upset, and he called mom and other family members for discussion the next day. After listening to them, I explained how I got hooked and that I hadn’t used any other drug apart from it, and I was also ready to be booked into a rehab center.

I won’t mention the rehab center where I checked in, but that’s where I learned my life was heading in the wrong direction and I wasn’t even aware.  Some people have difficulty doing this with cannabis, but if it gets to the point it’s getting in front of your life’s goals, it’s not a joke anymore.

For several weeks, I underwent natural detoxification where no drug was used but only a special diet and exercises. Luckily, the physical withdrawal was light, but I did have a constant though of smoking for the first week or two.

Luckily, it’s now a year and a half since I quit smoking marijuana and I never relapsed or even really think about it because I live a normal life away from peers who might influence me to the habit. I want to thank God, dad, mom and the guys who attended to me while at the center and after that. I am so happy to be back on track with my life and doing the things I want to do.

Thank you, so much, to everyone who helped me along the way!