Drug Abuse Recovery Story: Cocaine

As a teenager, my parents were very busy. I hardly had any time with them. I was always left under the care of my nanny who never cared at all about how I spent my day or which challenges I faced throughout the day. I slowly withdrew to myself because I had a lot of issues that I was struggling with.

First and foremost, before I hit my teenage, I became overweight. This made me the center of bullying in my school. Students would laugh at me and also laugh at me because I wouldn’t dress in small fancy clothes as they would.

One day as I was walking home, a student, Richard, who was in a grade ahead of me, called out for me to wait for him. I was astonished because it was the first time in a very long time that somebody wanted my company. Richard was quite friendly. He invited me to a party that would be held the next day at his home. I quickly accepted. This gesture was a great boost to my self-esteem.

The next day I dressed up and was very excited. By 7 pm I was pressing his doorbell all energetic and optimistic. Later in the party I was introduced to something that I was told would keep me high and make me enjoy the party in a more intensified manner. This is how I started using cocaine.

The next day I woke up feeling feeble and shivering. I needed a fix. When I went to school, I felt drained, and I had a terrible headache. Incidentally, I met Richard. He confessed that I looked very unwell. He gave me a little cocaine and promised me that my headache would fade away once I sniffled in the cocaine. Every day I had to take a fix to cool the symptoms I woke up suffering from. This developed into a habit quite fast.

Richard suddenly disappeared. I never got a glimpse of him anywhere in school as I used to. This became very frustrating. I never had anyone to give me cocaine. Luckily, I knew where Richard bought it from. I went one evening to see the peddler and strangely it seemed like he had been waiting for me.

This is what happened when I got bad. I exhausted all my savings in sustaining my newly developed habit. It reached a point where I started stealing my parent’s property to exchange it with cocaine. My parents kept complaining that they lost their stuff, but I kept quiet and pretended to be innocent.

One evening my mom was fed up. She called the police and had them arrest my nanny. Nanny begged my mom and even cried so much as she was taken by the police for stealing. Seeing her innocent tears flow touched me deep within.

This is how I hit my turning point. I felt so guilty that my nanny was arrested because of my faults. I couldn’t sleep. I woke my parents at 2: 00 a.m and confessed to them. Little did I know that this was a step to drug recovery.

Luckily they were understanding, the following day nanny was out of jail. I was taken to a rehabilitation center.

Being locked in an isolated room made me scream. I got headaches and trembled for a fix every minute. There was no fix, unfortunately. I would scream when I felt I couldn’t take it anymore, but nobody gave me a fix.

I was given painkillers and went through a lot of counseling. I slowly stopped trembling, and the headaches faded away slowly. This was when I started feeling better.

I slowly persevered through my journey to drug recovery and have clean ever since.