Crystal Meth: My Story

The word Methamphetamine was new to me, but everyone used to call it Crystal, because it truly resembles the real crystals you see in a museum or jewelry shop.

Meth was not my thing until I was under pressure to try it once, just to be able to stay awake all night. The high hopes and expectations from my folks perhaps lured me into attempting something fresh. The final exams, the extra-curricular activities, girls, nights out and parties.

Anyway, this how it all started. I was a big partier back home and nowadays at the campus I was capable of keeping up that motto. Joined the basketball team, attempted to balance the school, work, and practice. It was good, but hectic.

Kev, my dorm mate, was one of a kind, not from a rich family, but had connections to everything you needed at the school, and of course at a cheaper cost. Smoking or snorting was our thing, the best path away from injecting anything, we always used to say. He was down to party as much as me.

One night, while I tried to fight and stay up to do homework, Kev bumped me and said he had a better ‘solution.’ He didn’t call it Meth, but speed. He sounded out all I need is something a bit more potent and stronger to keep me awake all night and during the day.

crystal meth graphic

In an instant, I was the man of the hour. I finished all my work that night, I was very active in class, my heart was racing, I felt like Superman; though, I was eating less and a bit grouchy.

I never envisioned myself as an addict; I did not feel like one either. The more I felt like Superman, the more I used. One crystal at night to few more in a day. I threw all the money I had at the stuff. Embarrassed to ask for more money from my parents I had to figure out something else. I already had several loans from Kev and other guys from school. The only way I could maintain my new lifestyle was to hit some parties just to turn a free sniff or puff.

I lost so much of my weight, I was moody all the time, my teeth were clingy, I knew it was all the drug, but the scary part is how I kept going.

What took place on the night before the exams was my turning point. Me and Kev bore to stay awake, possibly to do some final touches here and there, but nothing was turning for me.

As usual, we both went to our dealer, yes the joint where we were so in debt, now begging for the ice. The dealer was refusing to front us anymore though. Finally, after begging he gave us some leftover baggies and with disgust shut the door behind us. My new friend and I had to devise a way to make just a slight scrap of the uppers we had our hands on.

While I was busy begging like a homeless guy, Kev jumped on some random student and beat the heck of out him. Freaked out I started grabbing Kev, asking him what he was doing. He said if only he could get another dime he would be good as he is trying to rip this guys wallet from him.

I had enough. I grabbed Kev off the guy, the fellow went scrambling and we both went back to our apartment, smoking what was barely left in those leftover bags.

The next day I checked myself into detox, spent a few more days at the hospital center, and then was off to the special drug recovery facility where I nursed my injuries and was drug-free.

I did special exams because I was out of school for a while, I told my parents I was in rehab, and my life could not possibly have gotten any more out of control in such a short period of time without that drug.

I am finally back on track and hopefully getting a new job after commencement. I now know even partying with recreational drugs has consequences. And they can be worse than most can imagine. No more meth ever again.