Adderall Addiction Stories

I was only 16, when I had my first encounter with Adderall. I was in 11th grade and stressed out over the amount of homework and tests and other stuff going on in my life that I just couldn’t manage everything. I knew a few people in my grade that were prescribed Adderall and bragged about how it was so easy to focus in class, get all of their work done, and even do better on their tests.
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They said even if you don’t have ADD or ADHD, it helps you focus just like drinking coffee or an energy drink, just way stronger. So the first time I took an Adderall it was a little orange capsule with little white and orange balls inside. It looked kind of funny, but I had seen other kids take it, and it wasn’t a huge pill, so I simply swallowed it and started doing my homework.

Wow, never in my life have I gotten so much work done. Not only did I finish all of my homework, but I cleaned my room, finished all the stuff around the house I had to do, walked the dog, etc. and afterward I wasn’t even tired. I was ready to do more. I thought it was a miracle pill.

More and more I started using Adderall to do homework, to take tests, to do anything that required a large amount of concentration. All of the time forgetting that this is a prescription medication that I didn’t have a prescription for, and maybe I should be careful. I just treated it the same way as taking an Advil. After high school I was using Adderall a lot less, I decided not to go to college and take up carpentry which I had done as a vocation. One of the guys that I work with was always getting stuff done and never seem tired. So I simply asked him one day how he stays so energized.

He brought it up again, Adderall, the difference was he said he crushed it up and snorted it. Now I had drank alcohol and smoked weed in high school, but I never did any other drug besides Adderall. Being confident in that I knew how Adderall affected me, I decided to go back home and snort it and see how I felt. Snorting Adderall worked 100 times faster and honestly being drunk, or smoking weed didn’t even come close to this.

We both started snorting Adderall regularly even when we didn’t work and as you can probably tell the slippery slope began. It’s not always easy getting prescription medications because you have to find somebody that has a doctor that gives it to them. Well after high school that became monumentally harder. So occasionally when we couldn’t find Adderall we would do speed, or small amounts of meth and never thought anything of it. It was always a similar feeling, and I was used to it. I thought snorting it was OK, as long as we didn’t smoke anything.

Well low and behold, as times got more and more tough, me and my buddy Jim started exclusively doing meth over Adderall. It slowly became our new drug of choice. We would go to shady motels; people’s filthy apartments and other places where I felt like I could be robbed at any minute, they were all so sketchy. And doing it was tearing my nostrils apart.

leaf graphicOne day, me and Jim couldn’t get a hold of our dealer, so we decided to go with a friend and try to get some meth. He called me and told me how much it cost, and it was like $20 less than it normally is. So really not thinking that much of it and assuming it was just going to be the lower quality we went and picked up the drugs. I walked out of the car and saw the guy on the corner, I walked up to him and gave them the money he handed me the meth and we both walked separate ways.

I looked down at the meth, and it was literally crystal clear. I had never seen brighter meth in my entire life. As soon as my brain realized we just got what would probably be about $150 worth of meth for a quarter of the price I heard, “Get down on the ground.” I looked up and my buddy sprinted back towards the car, but two cops were already after him while I was on the ground being handcuffed. I was thrown in the cop car, taken to jail, and for the first time in my life, I had gotten arrested. I was 19 years old and getting arrested for buying methamphetamine. I’m sitting in the jail cell thinking about how this all spiraled out of control and never thought twice about it. I had lost maybe 30 pounds, my breath smelled like garbage, luckily my teethed seemed to be okay, but I’m sure I might pay for that later, I had scabs all over my neck, and used all my money on methamphetamine. I was broke.

I’ve been off meth for about six months now and luckily will be just receiving probation since it was my first offense. My job was fortunately understanding, the manager of the construction company had to talk to me and say he wasn’t going to fire me, but I would be receiving regular drug tests. He owns the company, so I got extremely lucky. My parents were shocked; they had no idea I was involved with any of this. And my friends went from being all-around good guys, to scumbags and drugs dealers I met in hotels.

I had to change my phone number, which my contacts were about 90% of the people I met through doing this anyway, and now literally go to work, come home, and go to sleep.

Getting addicted to methamphetamine sucks. And all it took was taking a little bit of Adderall in high school to start going down this path. I am going to continue to stay sober every single day, and it’s becoming easier and easier as the months go by, but I wish I could just go back in time and tell myself not even to try it in the first place.

So to anyone even thinking about trying any of these drugs, specifically the speed-type drugs even if it’s for a noteworthy cause, just stay away!

In the end getting a few more A’s in high school wasn’t worth ending up in jail and almost ruining my life.